I'm searching for something that is related to climate adaptation, education outreach or a mix between climate and society.

The Atmospheric Science program in CEOAS is more focused on the physical sciences side of things. However, the Marine Resource Management program includes a mix of physical and social sciences is . Currently, this program only offers MS degrees (I believe), but perhaps CEOAS could work out an interdisciplinary PhD degree program for you. Robert Allan (rallan@coas.oregonstate.edu) would be a good person to talk to about this. He's more familiar with these programs than I am.

The Environmental Science degree is also a possibility. Since this program is very flexible, finding the right advisor (and being self-motivated) is really important. Atmospheric Science faculty (or pretty much anyone in a related department) can advise Environmental Science students. If you're interested in education and outreach, OSU also offers a "Math and Science Education" degree. I don't know much about these programs, but there should be a primary contact for each who could answer your questions.