What funding do you provide to students?

Typically, students are offered RA (research assistant) positions when they are accepted. These positions cover tuition and provide a reasonable stipend (especially for the Corvallis cost of living). Sometime, however, the funding cycles don't line up properly with the admission cycle, and we cannot guarantee RA positions. In this case, we may admit applicants without funding in the hopes that a grant will come through before the Fall. If you are awarded a fellowship, of course, you can chose an advisor without regard to funding constraints.

We do have a number of TA (teaching assistantship) positions. We generally use these to fill in holes between the end of an advisor's grant and the beginning of another. First-year students can also TA after their Fall quarter (for students without an atmospheric science background) or starting their first quarter (if they already have an atmospheric science background).

We can also often get tuition scholarships (especially for Oregon residents).