Atmospheric Science Classes

For an example schedule (from a few years ago) of Courses for Atmospheric Science students

All COAS graduate students take a series of OEAS (Ocean Earth and Atmospheric Science) courses which provide an overview of the Earth Sciences:

  • OEAS 500 Cascadia Field Trip
  • OEAS 520 The Solid Earth
  • OEAS 530 The Fluid Earth
  • OEAS 540 The Biogeochemical Earth

Atmospheric science students take an additional five required courses.

  • ATS 411/511 Thermodynamics and Cloud Microphysics
  • ATS 412/512 Atmospheric Radiation
  • ATS 413/513 Atmospheric Chemistry
  • ATS 515 Atmospheric Dynamics I
  • ATS 516 Atmospheric Dynamics II

Students who wish to obtain an interdisciplinary degree (e.g., air-sea interaction or vegetation-atmosphere exchange) can, under the supervision of their advisor and committee, design a program of study by combining some of the required ATS courses with appropriate courses in other disciplines.

Additional atmospheric and/or oceanography classes are available to help students gain the knowledge they need for their particular research project. Here are some courses that Atmospheric Science graduate students have take recently:

  • ATS 420/520 Principles of Climate
  • ATS 475/575 Planetary Atmospheres
  • ATS 546 Geophysical Boundary Layers
  • ATS 564 Interact of Vegetation & Atmosphere
  • ATS 575 Planetary Atmospheres
  • ATS 615 Large-Scale Interactions of the Ocean and Atmosphere
  • ATS 630 Climate Dynamics
  • ATS 655 Mesoscale Numerical Modeling
  • OC 670 Fluid Dynamics
  • OC 671 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • OC 682 Data Analysis: Time/Space Domain
  • OC 683 Data Analysis: Freq & Wave Num Domain
  • OC 691 Proposal Writing

Based on student interest, we offer Special Topics courses (ATS 590, OCE 599, etc.). Example topics include:

  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing
  • Climate Modeling
  • Tropical Meteorology
  • Basic Matlab for Oceanographers
  • Math on the Beach (Math refresher course for entering students)

Check the OSU general catalog schedule of classes for schedule information.

Undergraduate Atmospheric Science Courses

OSU does not offer an undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science. However, we do offer the following undergraduate courses, as well as the 4XX versions indicated above.

  • ATS 210 Introduction to the Atmospheric Sciences
  • ATS 320 Man’s Impact on Climate